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Construction Manager

Reports To: Executive Director
Employment Type: Part Time (17-20 hours per week)

Schedule: Friday & Saturday 8:30am – 4:00pm + plan time


Job Description

The Construction Manager is Responsible for all phases of home construction. The position will work closely with volunteers, home owners, sub-contractors, vendors, and Habitat staff to accomplish this task. The Construction Manager must have a thorough knowledge of the building process, have strong technical skills, and the ability and patience to teach those skills to volunteers and family members working on sweat equity hours. The Construction Manager is responsible for cost management and overall building quality.


Primary Duties:

  • Manage all phases of home construction with an emphasis on safety, volunteer experience, quality, & cost management

  • Plan and direct volunteer activity

  • Create a fun and nurturing environment for volunteers

  • Act as a good ambassador of Habitat for Humanity in all work

  • Order Materials and manage sub-contractors

  • Provide direct personal labor, as required, to plan, construct and provide warranty work

    on all houses.

  • Supervise and train homeowner families as they accomplish their sweat equity.

  • Verify sweat equity hours for families working on the building site.

  • Complete each home on a timely basis and respond to construction problems during the

    first year of ownership.

  • Be responsible for Affiliate’s tools, equipment, and upkeep.

  • Work with Executive Director on cost tracking and assigning expenses to each house.

  • Advise on site feasibility and building plans

  • Maintain regular communication with Executive Director

  • Manage multiple work sites

Required Skills

  • 3 or more years’ experience in all phases of home construction

  • Knowledgeable in local building codes and industry best practices

  • Ability to teach and work with unskilled labor

  • Strong organizational and planning skills

  • Must be able to effectively communicate Habitat’s vision.



Please send resume to:

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