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Apply for a Home

We partner with low-income families in the pursuit of affordable home ownership. Thanks to our generous supporters we can sell homes at no profit for a lower cost. Our partner families earn their homes through sweat equity and paying back an interest-free mortgage. Mortgages with insurance and property tax are currently averaging $600-$700.


Applications are accepted March 1st-30th.

Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-4pm

March is dedicated to Application Season; we'll only accept applications and take specific application questions in March.

Download Application Here:

2024 Homeowner Application

Homeownership Application Help Sessions:

Sign Up for a Time

Sessions are held at Love Columbia Conference Room 1209 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201, Tuesday March 5th, 6pm-8pm and Saturday March 16th, 10am-12pm and Saturday March 23rd, 2pm-4pm.

Basic Steps:

  • Print off or pick up application at 1305 Business Loop 70 E, Columbia, MO.

  • Review Minimum Guidelines on Application

  • Fill out application.

  • Turn in Application at 1305 Business Loop 70 E, Columbia, MO. Include your credit score or $25, be ready to spend some time reviewing your application with a staff member.

*Applications have to be received in person. They cannot be submitted via email or mail without special permission.*

Make an Appointment to Turn in Application:

*Please request a 30 min block, between Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-4pm, appointments are not necessary but help reduce you wait time.*

Application Process Overview Video:


Homeowner Requirements

To be considered for a Habitat home you must meet the following minimum requirements:​

  • Make 30-60% of Boone County's median income (exceptions for households with 2 full-time workers)

  • A credit score is above 600, no credit score may be acceptable.

  • Be a legal US citizen or permanent 


*The U.S. Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale of housing based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. The covenant that all local affiliates sign with Habitat for Humanity International also specifies that HFH homeowner families are selected "according to criteria that do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or ethnic background". *

Income Guidelines 2024.png

What Happens After I Apply?

All applications are reviewed to ensure they meet the minimum guidelines. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, a notice will be mailed to you. Applicants that pass the initial screening are scored and entered into our pool of applicants. When there is a large number of applicants, batches of applications are drawn randomly.  If you are drawn you will be asked to submit more paperwork and a home interview will be conducted. 

All those that are selected are required to put in 250 or more sweat equity hours building their house and the homes of others in the program. Fifty hours must be completed by the members of the household and you can have family members or friends help you with the remaining hours. Accommodations may be made for people with disabilities. This is so you can learn how your home is put together, how to use construction tools, and how to maintain your home through the years.  

Why do we run credit & criminal background checks?

We work hard to make homes affordable for low-income families. The credit check is not about income. A credit check tells us if someone has a history of paying debts when they promise they will. It is currently the best method to predict if someone will default on a loan. A credit score below 600, instances of late payments, unpaid balances, liens, judgments, multiple collection accounts, vehicle repossession, recent bankruptcy, delinquent child support, and delinquent student loans are all examples of items that may prevent you from being considered.

We look at criminal history to see if there are things that could affect someone's ability to repay their mortgage or if there is an instance that could affect Habitat's reputation negatively. Some examples of offenses that may exclude someone from participating are serious assault convictions and/or sexual offense convictions. 

Individual Unusual Application Questions:

Please Note: We cannot answer questions regarding if you qualify or not.

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