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Individual Volunteers

Most days we turn on the news and the world seems a little worse. Take heart in knowing there are wonderful works going on right now and you can take part. You are not powerless over the future of your community. Volunteer today to make a positive impact in your community and in yourself.

One Time & Occasional Volunteers


We have volunteer opportunities for almost any schedule. Here are some easy ways to get involved. Do one or all four.

  1. Email or call 499-1202 to speak with someone about your interest.

  2. Volunteer at the ReStore anytime during our regular business hours of Tuesday- Saturday 8:30am-4:00pm.

  3. Construction volunteers are needed Wednesday-Saturday from 8:30am-4:00Pm. 

Don't fall into the trap of "I Can't".  If you have a heart for service, WE CAN work together to positively impact our community. There are a lot of ways to help that do not involve tools, although our construction supervisor is great at teaching the "how to".  Volunteer at the office, run the ReStore cash register, take pictures at events, help man booths at fairs or events, pick up donations for the ReStore, provide meals, clean, make videos for social media, landscaping, and much much more. 



Regular Volunteers

Regular volunteers are really important to our success. They allow for better planning and require less direction over time. We don't expect perfect attendance but people who can commit to general days, times, or projects are a blessing. For example, you may wish to work every first Friday of the month. If you would like to regularly volunteer, please email or call 499-1202. Let the person you speak with know you are interested in regularly volunteering. Below are two of the primary opportunities we have for regular volunteering.

Day Crew Build Team

The Day Crew Build Team is a group of regular volunteers. The team is a club of sorts. Most of the volunteers started because they wanted to do something positive in their retirement, but they stayed because of the friends they made. Anyone can join, and no building experience is required. The only requirement is that you volunteer regularly. The group works Wednesday-Saturday 8:030am-4pm. We can offer a morning (8:30-12) shift or an afternoon shift (12:30-4) if you prefer to work a half day. 

Box Truck Driver

We need regular drivers to go out and pick up items being donated to us. No special license is required. The truck is an automatic and drives like a small camper. Most days we provide muscle to go with you and we don't ask you to pick up anything that is too heavy. There is always tomorrow.


Office and ReStore volunteers are welcome during normal business hours. We need people to answer phones, work cash registers, unload donations, sort, organize, and answer customer questions.

*We hope all of our volunteers have a good time and feel useful. If you have a bad experience volunteering, let us know about it so we can do better. Volunteering at the ReStore can be unpredictable. Somedays are slow and others we wish we had 100 volunteers. If volunteering the first time didn't go just right, then please don't give up! -

Community Service

Completing Community service with Habitat for Humanity is easier than ever!

The Habitat ReStore is open Tuesda-Saturday 8;30am-4pm and are always excited to have new community service workers! 

How to get started:

     1. Email or call 573-499-1202 and schedule your first day!

     2. You will sign a community service agreement and receive a brief orientation on your first day. 

     3. Come in any time (Tuesday-Saturday 8:30-4) when you have at least two hours to dedicate to volunteering!

     4. Each day, you will sign in and out in the community service hours book. On your last day, you will receive a copy of your hours                 and Habitat will keep the original. Habitat keeps this record to verify any hours needed by the court or other organizations. 

Groups Volunteering

Churches, clubs, civic organizations, and other groups play an important role in our mission. Groups support us with donations, volunteers, and communicating our mission to their members. Below are some specific ways your group can support Habitat.

Schedule a Group Build

If you are interested in doing a group build please email Group builds are typically held on Fridays & Saturdays and the best size is 10 or fewer. 

Commit a Team

At Habitat, we spend too much time saying, "Well, if we have volunteers today." Help us take the guess work out and commit a team.  We are looking for organizations who can commit to providing volunteers on a regular schedule. For example, a church may commit to providing us with two volunteers every second Wednesday. Email if your organization can commit a team.

Host a speaker

We are not great speakers, but our story speaks for itself! We'd love an opportunity to meet with your group and talk about what we do. 


Company Sponsorship

Three levels of sponsorship are currently available for businesses. Company Sponsors are based on volunteer hours and financial contributions. Contact to inquire about sponsoring Show Me Habitat and the benefits involved. 

Company Sponsor
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