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Upcoming: Blitz Build September 2023


Blitz Build is coming to Como!! Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity and Columbia were chosen, out of every community in the United States, to be the site for the 2023 Blitz Build! A team will come to Columbia and help our local volunteers build 4 homes in 10 days!! This is huge news and will make a big impact in affordable housing for our community!  Hundreds of volunteers and community supporters will come together with these hard working families to build their dream home. 

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Blitz Build will take place in Habitat's Boone Prairie Subdivision on the North side of Columbia. This 50+ acre subdivision will eventually be the home to 143 Habitat families that affordably own their homes. The first families have moved in and added personality and life to the neighborhood! We cannot wait to see this community grow!  

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