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Meet Some Habitat Partner Families
Blitz Build 2023

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Two Families pay off their mortgage on the same day! 

Neushafer pay off 2020.jpg

Ms. Neuschafer started her home ownership journey in the year 2000. She and her family helped build her ADA Accessible home and the homes of her Habitat neighbors. Her dad recalled completing five roofs during the summer heat that year with the help of other volunteers. Ms. Neushafer has had several unfortunate health issues but is constantly reminded of the blessing it is to have a home to come home to every day. She said, "It is such a blessing to have my Habitat neighbors here. They always come to check on me and go above and beyond as neighbors!"  Ms. Neushafer is thrilled to have her home paid off and is so proud of this massive achievement. 

Patricia Schmidt Pay off 2020.jpg

Ms. Patricia Schmidt and her two children were the partner family that helped build, purchased and moved into a Shelter Insurance sponsored blitz build home in 2002. Yesterday, Ms. Schmidt officially paid off her mortgage! She said, “I was so overwhelmed with the kindness! All of the Shelter employees came out and showered me with love while building! And they built it so fast!”  She said every time she came on site, she could feel the love and kindness coming from each volunteer and she could tell they were proud to be part of the project. It has been almost 20 years and her children have grown up in this home. She said that even though she could not help with paying for much of her children’s college tuition, her kids stayed in their family home with free room and board to help with the cost of school. This was truly a blessing. She recognizes that Habitat and Shelter Insurance helped make this possible. Congratulations on accomplishing this life goal! 

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