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Show-Me Central Habitat ReStore

ReStore Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

8:30am - 4:00pm

Closed Sunday

Closed Monday​​


1305 Business Loop 70 E

Columbia, MO 65201

(573) 499-1202



The ReStore is a division of Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity. We sell used, overstocked, and discontinued items donated by the community. The donated items are then offered for sale to the general public to raise funds for building houses. 

The ReStore is a great place to shop for discounted appliances, furniture, windows, doors, cabinets, vanities, plumbing supplies, & much more. You never know what you may find. 

Refused Items

We accept a wide array of donations; however, we reserve the right to deny any contributions. For your convince here is a list of the items we commonly turn down.

- Desk Longer than 4ft
- Dishwashers
- Entertainment Centers
- Exercise Equipment
- Car Battery​
- Used Motor Oil
- Computer or Printer
- Unframed Glass
- Worn or damaged mattresses (10+ years old, stained or ripped)

- Organs or pianos

- Sofa Sleepers
- Damaged or Stained Furniture
- Water Beds
-  Wood under 3ft​
- Old TVs
- Cribs
- Clothing
- Fluorescent Bulbs or Fixtures
- Chemicals (cleaning products pesticides etc.)


Donating and supporting the ReStore leads to many good outcomes, below are just a few examples:

  •  Proceeds are used to build Habitat Homes that empower the community through affordable homeownership.

  • Useable building materials and home goods are diverted from landfill sites, stopping unnecessary waste and pollution.

  • The ReStore sells affordable home goods, and donations to the ReStore are tax deductible. 


Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity is a 501C organization and your donations are tax-deductible. The Restore accepts a wide array of items, but we reserve the right to deny any donations. You can bring your donation during normal business hours or call 499-1202 to arrange a pickup. 

Paint Disposal Img.jpg
Paint Shaker Img.jpg


Our ReStore is the only resale store in Columbia, MO that accepts paint donations. We'll take your remaining paint, resell it for a discounted price, and use those funds for constructing affordable housing here in town. To keep this program sustainable, we check each paint can that comes in to make sure the paint is in good usable condition, and there is a quantity of paint we are able to resell. We do this as disposing of unusable paint is a costly expense. Our staff and volunteers will help you as promptly as possible, but please understand there will be a wait while we check your paint.


- A container of paint is under half full.

- Rusty or damaged can.

- Paint that is no longer usable (coagulated, frozen or otherwise unusable paint).

Staff and volunteers reserve the right to deny any donations deemed unacceptable.

Thank you to Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District for funding the purchase of our paint shaker.

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