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Helpful Resources for Long-Distance Caregivers


If you have a senior loved one who lives far away from you, you may feel concerned about their wellbeing, but short of moving, you might assume there’s nothing you can do to help. However, technology has made it possible to provide your loved one with long-distance assistance. Here’s how to help a senior loved one who does not have a local support system they can lean on.


For more information about disability resources available in the state of Missouri, please visit this comprehensive resource guide.


Aging in Place


Should your loved one prefer to live at home rather than moving to a nursing home or retirement community, you can help them safely age in place, even if you can’t physically be with them.


  • If you need building materials to help with your accessibility renovations, connect with an organization like Habitat for Humanity and use the resources available in their ReStore.

  • Hire a qualified in-home helper for your loved one and assist with planning accessible modifications over the phone or video chat.

  • Work with your loved one and their other caregivers to choose a great security system for their home.


Daily Support


You don’t need to be by your loved one’s side to give them a hand with day-to-day tasks and stay on top of their healthcare needs!


  • Set your loved one up with an automatic pill dispenser or other electronic medication management system.

  • Use budgeting and financial monitoring tools to help your loved one manage their money online.

  • Consider investing in a medical alert system so that you will be notified immediately if your loved one is sick or injured.


Estate Planning


Be proactive about estate planning for your loved one - it’s better to take care of these responsibilities sooner rather than later.



When you live far away from your senior loved one, it’s only natural to feel concerned about their quality of life. Thankfully, today it is easier than ever to help them get the care they need, even when you don’t live in their neighborhood. With these resources, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is fully supported.


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